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Projets de recherche et publications

  1. Miguel de Prado, Jing Su, Rabia Saeed, Lorenzo Keller, Noelia Vallez, Andrew Anderson, David Gregg, Luca Benini, Tim Llewellynn, Nabil ouerhani, Rozenn Dahyot, and Nuria Pazos. Bonseyes AI Pipeline - bringing AI to you: End-to-end integration of data, algorithms and deployment tools. ACM Transactions on Internet of Things, May 2020

  1. Miguel de Prado, Nuria Pazos, Luca Benini. Learning  to infer : RL-based search for DNN primitive selection on Heterogeneous Embedded Systems. To appear in Proceedings of Design, Automation and Test in Europe Conference, DATE 19. March 2019
  2. L. Moor, L. Bitter, M. De Prdo, N.Pazos, N. Ouerhani. IoT meets distributed AI - Deployment scenarios of Bonseyes AI applications on FIWARE. In 38th IEEE International Performance Computing and Communications Conference, London, 2019

  1. Miguel de Prado, Maurizio Denna, Luca Benini, Nuria Pazos. QUEEN : QUantization Engine for low-power Neural Networks. In Proceedings of ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers 2018.

  1. Tim Llewellynn, M. del Milagro Fernández-Carrobles, Oscar Déniz, Samuel Fricker, Amos Storkey, Nuria Pazos, Gordana Velikic, Kirsten Leufgen, Rozenn Dahyot, Sebastian Koller, Georgios I. Goumas, Peter Leitner, Ganesh Dasika, Lei Wang, Kurt Tutschku, BONSEYES: Platform for Open Development of Systems of Artificial Intelligence, Invited paper. of ACM International  Conference on Computing Frontiers 2017: 299-304
  2. N. Ouerhani, S. Carola, M. Del Prado, L. Bitter, L. Moor, F. Tièche, N. Pazos, Hybrid and Flexible Computing Architectures for Deep Learning Systems, Zoom Innovation on Consumer Electronics (ZINC), Novi Sad, Serbia, May 2017 (Keynote)
  3. M. Müller, Sarah Carrola, Simon Ruffieux, Elena Mugellini, Nuria Pazos, Low-power Real-time Tracking for a Predictive Management of Bikes Sharing Systems, IoT Week, Geneva, June 2017 (Keynote)

  1.  N. Ouerhani, N. Pazos, M. Aeberli, M. Muller, IoT-Based Dynamic Street Light Control for Smart Cities Use Cases, 3rd International Symposium on Networks, Computers and Communications (ISNCC), 2016
  2. N. Pazos, M. Müller, M. Favre-Bulle, K. Brandt-Dit-Grieurin, O. Hüsser, M. Aeberli and N. Ouerhani, Dynamic Street-Parking Optimisation. In Proceedings of 30th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Information  Networking and Applications (AINA), Crans-Montana, Switzerland, March 2016.

  1. N. Pazos, M. Müller, M. Aeberli and N. Ouerhani, ConnectOpen – Automatic Integration of IoT Devices. In Proceedings of IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT), Milan, Italy, December 2015

Publications / Présentations
  1. Nabil Ouerhani; Nuria Pazos, Marco Aeberli; Julien Senn, Internet des Objets au service d'une gestion intelligente des infrastructures publiques, Atelier INTERREG (InnovArc) Smart Cities, Saignelégier, Octobre 2014
  2. Nabil Ouerhani; Nuria Pazos, Marco Aeberli; Julien Senn , Plateforme IoT flexible et configurable: Vers une intégration automatisée de dispositifs communicants, in Journée des capteurs connectés, Yverdon-les-bains, Novombre 2014 (Presentation)
  3. Miniaturized Ubiquituous Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope. Strese, Helene; Gubler, Oliver; Corthay, Francois; Amoos,Serge; Truffer, Frederic; Pazos Escuerdo, Nuria; Tieche, Francois; Senn, Julien; Geiser, Martial. In proceedings of European Optical Society Annual Meeting (EOSAM) 2014

SOSoC, a Linux framework for System Optimization using System on Chip. Olivier Nasrallah, Wolfram Luithardt, Daniel Rossier, Alberto Dassatti, Jérôme Stadelmann, Xavier Blanc, Nuria Pazos Escudero, Florian Sauser and Serge Monnerat. In proceedings of IEEE International SOC Conference, Erlangen, Germany, September 2007
ConnectOpen - Intergiciel (Middleware) open source pour le déploiement rapide d'applications Machine-To-Machine (M2M) et Internet des Objets (IoT) à l’aide d’agents de communication génériques; projet CTI

Predictable system interconnects through an accurate early wire characterization. Ilhan Hatirnaz, Nuria Pazos Escudero, Stephane Badel, and Yusuf Leblebici. In Proceedings of IEEE International SOC Conference, Hsinchu, Taiwan, September 2007

A predictable communication scheme for embedded multiprocessors systems. Mehmet Derin Harmanci, Nuria Pazos Escudero, Yusuf Leblebici, and Paolo Ienne. In Proceedings of IFIP International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration, Nice, France, October 2006.

Quantitative modeling and comparison of communication schemes to guarantee Quality-of-Service in Networks-on-Chip. Mehmet Derin Harmanci, Nuria Pazos Escudero, Yusuf Leblebici, and Paolo Ienne. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems, pages 1782-85, Kobe, Japan, May 2005.

  1. Nuria Pazos, Winni Brunnbauer, Juergen Foag, and Thomas Wild. System level performance estimation. In W.Mueller, W. Rosenstiel, and J. Ruf, editors, SystemC – Methodologies and Applications, chapter 6. Kluwer Academic, Boston, Mass., 2004.
  2. Parallel modelling paradigm in multimedia applications: Mapping and scheduling onto a multi-processor system-on-chip platform. Nuria Pazos, Alexander Maxiaguine, Paolo Ienne, and Yusuf Leblebici. In Proceedings of the International Global Signal Processing Conference, Santa Clara, Calif., September 2004

Communication integrated partitioning: A new method for improving the design of hw/sw systems. Thomas Wild, Winni Brunnbauer, Juergen Foag, and Nuria Pazos. In Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on VLSI Design, New Delhi, India, January 2003.

System-based performance estimation of multi-processing, multi-threading SoC networking architectures. Nuria Pazos, Winni Brunnbauer, Juergen Foag, and Thomas Wild. In Proceedings of the Forum on Design Languages, Marsella, France, September 2002.

System-level performace estimation for vlsi networking architectures methodology. Nuria Pazos, Winni Brunnbauer, Juergen Foag, and Thomas Wild. In Proceedings of the International Workshop on IP-Based SoC Design, Grenoble, France, December 2001