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Research directions:
  • Integrated lab-on chip systems (innosquare inartis video:
  • Membrane integration (sample preparation, cell monitoring)
  • Microfluidics (sample preparation, preconcentration, micropumps, two phase flow, micromixers)
  • Solid on liquid (Parylene C direct coating on liquids; doi:10.1016/j.mee.2015.03.068)
  • Drug delivery for implantable medical systems (doi: 10.3109/21695717.2015.1048082)
  • Optics integration for label-free sensing (new low cost materials,IR chemical fingerprint sensing, but also MS, NMR, impedance spectrometry)
  • Materials and fabrication methods for industrialization of health and food diagnostic systems
Microengineering competences available at HE-Arc:
  • Thin films PVD, CVD, ALD
  • Micro/nano fabrication on hard and flexible substrates
  • Femto-second laser micromachining and selective polymer etching
  • Analytical chemistry
  • Energy harvesting by thermoelectric effect with ionic liquids
  • Optics
  • Plastic tooling and moulding

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