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Alexandra Homsy teaches micro engineering, biophysics and BioMEMS in the HE-Arc bachelor courses and microfluidics for the HES-SO master of engineering. She also runs microfluidic research activities in the medical devices group at HE-Arc. She received her Ph.D. in micro engineering from Neuchâtel University in 2006. Her interests focus on the industrialization of lab-on-a-chip and organ-on-chip devices, SOLID technology, micro-pumps, integration of microfluidic components, as well as low cost microfluidic materials and fabrication methods for medical, environmental diagnosis, and food applications.

A good example is the NanoCI (link) project, which yielded a proof of concept that gapless interface between auditory neurons and cochlear implant electrode arrays is feasible. These findings may be of relevance for the development of future cochlear implant systems with better sound quality and performance and lower energy consumption. Another example is the blood filtration device developed and tested in the framework of the EU FP6 project called Care‐man (link). The fully integrated fluid processing and real-time analysis devices developped in the framework of the NanoTera IRSens (link) project is another successful example.

List of publications
Invited talks
  • "Microfluidics-based formulation of bacterial-fungal consortia for delivery in soil", Swiss Nanoconvention, Fribourg, July 2022
  • “Portable systems for real samples manipulation and analysis”, EDAM's day, Neuchâtel, February 2019
  • “Medtech applications of parylene coatings at the HE-Arc”, invited lecture FHNW Life sciences 2019
  • “Portable systems for real samples manipulation and analysis”, eighth microfluidic consortium meeting, April 2017
  • “On-chip continuous IR spectroscopy detection of cocaine in human saliva”, EPIC Healthtech event, May 2016, Cork, Ireland
  • "Microfluidic systems for real samples analysis", Nanotech Montreux - Conférence Alliance Lab-on-a-chip, 18 Novembre 2014
  • “Microfluidic stickers”, NanoTera workshop: Lab-on-chip & remote data analysis, Zürich, June 2010
  • “Introduction to Microfluidics”, International school of Quantum electronics, Optical biosensors and biochips for clinical applications, Erice-Sicily: July 2008
Conference management, review boards
  • Co-chair of the Swiss Nanoconvention 2023, Neuchâtel, June 2023
  • Member of the swiss micro and nanotechnology (MNT) network since 2019
  • Member of the technical program chair of the Micro-TAS international conference since 2019
  • Member of the review board for the scientific journal Micromachines (MDPI publishing group) since 2019
  • EU expert to assist in the evaluation of H2020 grant applications.
  • Member of the Women in Microfluidics & BioMEMS List (https://microfluidics.berkeley.edu)
  • Member of the sponsoring committee for the µ-TAS2019 conference
  • Conference co-organisation for JMM2015 and 2017 (journées des microtechniques médicales) EPHJ/EPMT/SMT Geneva - Palexpo
  • Life Sciences Topic chair at MNE 2014, Lausanne-Switzerland, Sep. 2014
  • Technical program chair at Eurosensors 2012, Krakow-Poland, September 2012
  • Member of the promotion comitee for MicroTAS 2012, Okinawa-Japan, October 2012
  • Technical program chair at Eurosensors 2011, Athens-Greece, September 2011
  • Member of the local organizing committee of MMB 2011, Luzern – CH, May 2011
  • Technical program chair and microfluidics session chair at Eurosensors 2010, Linz-Austria, September 2010
  • Member of the poster selection comitee for MicroTAS 2010, Groningen-The Netherlands, October 2012
  • Member of the Technical program chair and Microfluidics session chair at Eurosensors 2009

Peer-reviewed papers
  •  E. Laux, et al., Impact on organic solvents in combination with redox-couples on magnitude and sign of Seebeck coefficient and electrical current in thermoelectric generators, Materials today: Proceedings https://doi.org/10.1016/j.matpr.2020.06.447
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  • H.J. Whitlow, E. Guibert, P. Jeanneret, A. Homsy, J. Roth, S. Krause, A. Roux, E. Eggermann, L. Stoppini, Post-focus expansion of ion beams for low fluence and large area MeV ion irradiation: Application to human brain tissue and electronics devices, Nuclear Inst. and Methods in Physics Research, B, doi: 10.1016/j.nimb.2017.01.054
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Conference peer-reviewed papers
  • . Homsy, E. Laux, L. Jeandupeux, T. Nogueira-Matos, A. Manimala, N. Châtelain, C. Prieur, C. Martin-Olmos, I. Hashmi, C. Hyde, C. Ruiz, P. Junier, S. Bindschedler, Production and viability of encapsulated bacterial-fungal consortia for delivery in soil, Poster, The 26th international conference on miniaturized systems for chemistry and life sciences (µTAS 2022), Hangzhou, China
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  • F. Flahaut and A. Homsy, Développement d’un nouvel outil de diagnostic toxicologique à l’aide de puce microfluidiques intelligents (AOP plug’n’play), Talk, Innovation petit déjeuner, Swiss plastic cluster, May 2022, St Imier, Switzerland
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