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Lamia Ben Hamida is a currently associate Professor in la Haute école de gestion Arc at the University of applied sciences and arts, Western Switzerland. Previously, she was a post-doctoral researcher in the department of management, economics, and industrial engineering at the Politecnico di Milano. She also worked on research projects (realized within the NCCR-IP11) between the University de Fribourg and the World Trade Institute.

She has a Ph.D. in Economics, thesis title: “Inward Foreign Direct Investment and Intra Industry Spillovers: The Swiss Case”. Her thesis analyzes the main key factors determining FDI intra-industry spillover effects. Lamia Ben Hamida also studied the effect of outward FDI spillovers on the home economy, the role of southern MNCs on the economic development of European countries, and export spillovers from MNCs.

In addition to spillovers analyses, Lamia Ben Hamida has studied, since the end of 2016, the relationship between employability and cultural and transversal skills developed by young people at School within the framework of international mobility. She found that the profile of skills has changed to see a growing emphasis on personal and interpersonal skills. Her project financed by Swiss national agency of international mobility, mobilizes Tunisia and Switzerland on global skills and employability. It includes research, mobility and training of Swiss and Tunisian students. The aim of this project is to bring together Tunisian and Swiss students who have not been able to benefit from ISM to work together on situations experienced by their counterparts who have experienced ISM. These situations have been identified during the research phase of the project. The groups of Tunisian-Swiss students have answered the question "What would we do, if we were in their place?" The experimentation through role-playing teaches each of the students to think about their own situation. Given the importance of international experience, students' experiences abroad have been mobilised to create experiential workshops for students who have not had the opportunity to experience international mobility. These home-based internationalization trainings based on the achievements of international mobility in terms of global skills help consolidate our youth's profiles to better meet employer requirements.

Lamia Ben Hamida’s research interests focus on: Multinational corporations and foreign Direct Investment (FDI), innovation activity and technology transfer, cultural, transversal global and soft skills, FDI and export spillovers, learning processes and technological change, FDI policies, employability, Job satisfaction and commitment, qualitative analyses and econometric modeling.

She is teaching microeconomics, macroeconomics, international development of SMEs, Internationalization at home: acquiring global skills for sustainable employability, and data analysis, SPSS Statistics.

She published in peer reviewed journals such as International Business Review, Critical Perspectives on International Business, International Journal of Export Marketing, etc.