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Projets de recherche et publications

Major publications (last 5 years):

Author and co-author of 35 peer-reviewed scientific publications and 1 patent
On the 2nd of April 2020, « H » index = 16 with 796 citations (from SCOPUS)
List of publications (2015-2020):
1. O. Banakh, L. Snizhko , T. Journot,  P.-A. Gay, C. Csefalvay, O. Kalinichenko,  O. Girin,  L. Marger, S. Durual, The influence of the electrolyte nature and PEO process parameters on properties of anodized Ti15Mo alloy intended for biomedical applications, Metals, 8 (2018) 370.

2.   Moussa M., Banakh O., Wehrle-Haller B., Fontana P., Scherrer S., Cattani M., Wiskott A., Durual S. TiNxOy coatings facilitate the initial adhesion of osteoblasts to create a suitable environment for their proliferation and the recruitment of endothelial cells. Biomedical Materials, 12(2) (2017) 025001.

2. O. Banakh, T. Journot, P.-A. Gay, J. Matthey, C. Csefalvay, O. Kalinichenko, O. Sereda, M. Moussa, S. Durual, L. Snizhko,  Synthesis by anodic-spark deposition of Ca- and P-containing films onpure titanium and their biological response, Applied Surface Science 378 (2016) 207–215. 

3. L. Del Giudice, S. Adjam, D. La Grange, O. Banakh, A. Karimi, R. Sanjinés, NbTiN thin films deposited by hybrid HiPIMS/DC magnetron co-sputtering, Surface & Coatings Technology 295 (2016) 99–106.

4.  Moussa M., Fontana P., Hamdan F., Cattani-Lorente M., Scherrer S., Banakh O., Wiskott A.H., Durual S., Modulation of osteoblast behavior on TiNxOy coatings by altering the N/O stoichiometry while maintaining a high thrombogenic potential, J Biomater Appl. 8 (2016)1219-1229. doi: 10.1177/0885328215619084.

The list of recent (5 years) industrial projects and related major developments is presented below.

April 2016 – August 2017 CTI project 18305.1 PFIW-IW BLUECOAT (“Protective Blue coating for Metal Drills”). Major achievements: three hybrid processes combining PVD, ALD and galvanic methods were demonstrated to produce blue-colored protective coatings to be applied on drills. The acceptable functional performances of the coated drills were successfully demonstrated.

April 2016 - April 2017: CTI innovation cheque 26009.1 INNO-NM “Fabrication d’une lentille ophtalmologique en PMMA par impression 3D et le dépôt des pistes électriques ». Major achievement: this feasibility study has demonstrated a successful deposition of Au contacts by PVD technique on a surface of 3D-printed implantable lenses dedicated to monitor an eye function.

January 2017 – August 2018: CTI project 18897.2 PFNM-NM Smart&Hard (“Optimisation of a new PVD arc process for deposition of multilayer coatings with superior functional properties for application in cutting tools”. Major achievement: multilayer coatings based on Diamon-Like Carbon were developed by arc evaporation and successfully demonstrated on microdrills. The coated drills performances was superior to a standard industrial DLC coating.

December 2018 – December 2019: CTI innovation cheque 33254.1 INNO-LS (“Revêtement de surface biocompatible par la technique PVD-HIPIMS à basse température pour des implants biomédicaux »). Major achievement: in this feasibility study TiON-based PVD-HIPIMS coatings were deposited onto CrCo and Nitinol cardiovascular stents. Their adherence to the stent and biocompatibility were demonstrated.

June 2016- April 2019: Swiss-French Interreg VA project OXYTAN (In French : « Nouvelle génération de revêtement PVD à base d'OXY-nitrures de TAntale et de Niobium pour des implants dentaires »). Major achievement: new tantalum oxynitride PVD coatings were developed and tested as potential candidates for application in dental implants.